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About Revolution CBD

Our Story

Hi, my name’s Luke.
I’m the founder of Revolution CBD. I first discovered CBD back in 2013. Before then I was like most people; I didn’t pay too much attention to what I put in my body and I believed that my health and wellbeing wasn’t down to me.​

In 2013 I underwent a profound personal transformation following a car crash where I discovered many things about myself and my wellbeing. I trained to be a personal trainer and nutrition coach which led to researching everything I could find about natural supplements.​

When I came across CBD, my life changed. I wanted to tell everyone who would listen about CBD, and I believed this information should be accessible to everyone. It was then I decided to become a part of the CBD community and set myself up as a UK CBD retailer to sell organic CBD oil and paste.

Fast forward a few years, and Revolution CBD has transformed into a business I am immensely proud of. Every day I get to be a part of empowering others to support their own wellbeing, naturally. I have gained wide experience and knowledge about CBD and always stay up to date with the latest peer reviewed research in the field. 

If you have any questions about CBD or Revolution CBD Oil, I am available to chat. Just get in touch on Facebook. I always want to hear from you.
I sincerely wish you health and happiness on your CBD journey and beyond.