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12mg CBD Patch

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12mg CBD patches 360mg total CBD

Unique formulation offers a convenient and easy to use once a day solution.

With 50% more CBD.

12mg advance formulation patch, with added nutritional support- Turmeric, Resveratrol, Omega 3, 6, 9 and Soothing Menthol providing you 24-hour support for your joints.

Each pack contains 30 day’s supply


Key Features

+CBD Isolate 99.83% Pure

+THC Free

+ Hypoallergenic

+24-hour support

+Discreet and easy to wear

+Vegan, Gluten Free

+Peel, Stick & Go

+ UK manufactured CBD Cannabidiol patch

New innovative design with a + sign on each patch. The patch is activated by body heat and dissipates over 24-hours, indicating it is time to change the patch.

12mg CBD patches


+CBD 12mg

+Turmeric 2mg

+Resveratrol 1mg

+Omega 6,3,9 Blend 3mg

+Menthol 0.5mg

+THC Levels: NIL

Advanced formulation 360mg, 30 CBD patches